Black Friday Deals for Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, and Bloggers

The Best Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals for Freelance Editors & Proofreaders, Writers, and Bloggers

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Updated for Black Friday 2022

Are you a bargain hunter? I’m one of the biggest bargain hunters you’ll ever meet! Want to know what one of my favorite shows is? Extreme Couponing! 😊 It’s a bit extreme for me, but I still love watching them get cartloads of groceries for almost free. When it comes to shopping for my business and blog, I scour the internet until I find a discount code. Or I wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday… And lucky for all of us, that time has come!

Here are all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals I could find for the products I use and love for my editing/freelance writing business. I update this page every year as soon as I know when the sales start. So if you’re here in advance of Black Friday, please note that some of the deals might not be updated yet.

Proofreading Courses and Grammar/Punctuation Resources

Proofread Anywhere

Let me start with the best deal you’re going to get this Black Friday!

I’ve taken several proofreading and editing courses, but Proofread Anywhere is the one I got the most value out of. It’s an online, self-paced course that you can easily fit around your other commitments. It gives you the opportunity to get lots of proofreading practice and even shows you how to get clients and set up your own website.

Save 60% on Proofread Anywhere this Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2022!

I wrote a detailed review of the General Proofreading course if you want to check it out.

I also interviewed the course creator, Caitlin Pyle, to see what skills she thinks a great proofreader needs.

Grammar Lion

Want to become a successful proofreader or freelance writer but worried that your grammar skills aren’t up to scratch? I felt the same when I first started out, so I took courses and read books to hone my skills. I recently took another grammar course that I LOVED! Grammar Lion is a comprehensive but easily digestible course that will help you gain confidence in your grammar skills.

Grammar Lion tuition has been reduced from $139 to $67, and not just for BF/CM!

If you want more info about Grammar Lion, check out my review.

Knowadays (Formerly Proofreading Academy)

The Knowadays Become a Proofreader course is an online, self-paced course that teaches you how to proofread in a variety of different genres, providing well-rounded training as well as helping its students get comfortable with the tech aspect of proofreading. 

After completing this comprehensive course, you will have honed your skills in the following areas: grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting, referencing styles, and readability.

What I particularly liked about this course is that it shows you how to proofread academic, business, and creative writing (fiction and nonfiction) documents, which gives you a good idea of the type of content you might enjoy proofreading. 

***BLACK FRIDAY SALE: Get 25% off the Knowadays Proofreader & Editor Course Bundle until November 30!***

Read my extremely detailed Knowadays (formerly Proofreading Academy) review here. 🙂

Learn How to Be a Transcript Proofreader

Are you a fan of true crime? If so, there’s a different type of proofreading that may be perfect for you! Transcript proofreading involves working with court reporters to proofread their transcripts. The difference between general proofreading and transcript proofreading is that with transcript proofreading you’re dealing with the verbatim spoken word, so you can only edit for spelling, punctuation, and readability, rather than for correct grammar. That makes transcript proofreading challenging but also very interesting because of the subject matter. 

Elizabeth Wiegner (a.k.a. The Proofreading Business Coach) is having a Black Friday sale on her Learn How to Be a Transcript Proofreader course until Monday, November 28, 2022. 

You have two options:

Get 20% off Phase 1: Introduction to Transcript Proofreading!

Get 20% off the entire Learn How to Be a Transcript Proofreader course!

If you want to learn more about transcript proofreading before you commit, check out Elizabeth’s workshop “Is Transcript Proofreading the Right Money-Making Business for You?”

Punctuation 101

Do you have a punctuation nemesis? Let me guess . . . I bet it’s commas, right? I’ve created a punctuation e-book and workbook combo that will help you bring your punctuation skills bang up to date. You’ll learn the rules, see the punctuation mark in action with example sentences, and test your knowledge with a 150-question quiz. This combo is usually $17, but you can grab it for $7 until Tuesday, November 30, 2022!

Punctuation 101 e-book and workbook combo

Grammar Conundrums

Finally learn the difference between commonly confused words so you can become a better proofreader and writer! Grammar Conundrums is an e-course that’ll help you finally demystify homophones (e.g., accept vs. except), get your head around grammatically troublesome words (e.g., bring vs. take), and master subtly different words (e.g., compose vs. comprise).

This combo is usually $27, but you can grab it for $17 until Tuesday, November 30, 2022!

Also, a heads up: I updated this course this year, and it now covers 50 tricky word pairs and includes at least 750 quiz questions!

Grammar Conundrums: 12 Tricky Grammar Issues You Need to Master

Resources for Writers

Write Your Way to Your First 1K

Love to write? It’s an excellent way to earn money from home! A freelance writer earns money through writing blog posts, articles, web content, SEO content, e-books, etc. for other businesses to publish on their websites.

It can be hard to get started as a freelance writer though. With the course Write Your Way to Your First 1K, you’ll learn the exact blueprint for setting up your freelance writing business and the tools and strategies you need to land and retain clients. Black Friday 2022: Save 50% on Write Your Way to 1K + Receive the Writer Website in a Weekend course for FREE with the code BLACKFRIDAY22!

Freelance Blogging in a Weekend

Looking for a lucrative writing niche to break into? Getting paid to write blog posts is an awesome way to get recurring clients who will pay you month after month to create content for them. No more feast or famine cycle! I’ve taken a couple of Elna Cain’s courses (including this one), and I love her style of teaching and how jam-packed with information her courses are.

Freelance Blogging in a Weekend is usually $95, but you can get it for $48 this Black Friday weekend. Discount is already applied; no code needed!


Want to improve the quality of your writing? There are tools out there that can help you! ProWritingAid is a grammar guru, style editor, and writing mentor all in one package. My favorite reports are the repeat checker that highlights words you’ve potentially overused and the consistency checker highlights inconsistency in spelling, hyphenation, capitalization, and punctuation. It’s not a replacement for a human proofreader, but it will help you level up your writing.

(And proofreaders, you can use it to spot check your own writing. We all know how hard it can be to spot errors in our own writing!)

Get 50% off annual or lifetime license of ProWritingAid until Tuesday, November 29, 2022!

Ultimate Bundles: The Writer’s Toolkit – Free Ebook

Ultimate Bundles will be having a flash sale on The Writer’s Toolkit in December 2022. 

The Writer’s Toolkit is a bundle of 41 resources worth $4,088.91. It includes 6 e-books, 25 e-courses, 3 templates, and 7 printables and workbooks, as well as bonuses worth over $600.

It’s worth over $4,000, but you can get the bundle for $97, a savings of 97%.

Resources from some big-name writers and publishers are included:

  • Carol Tice, longtime freelance business writer
  • Marion Roach Smith, former staffer at the New York Times & memoir writing coach
  • Mike Michalowicz, entrepreneur, marketer, and author of seven respected business books
  • Naomi D. Nakashima, famous freelance ghostwriter & book editor
  • Steff Green, multi-six-figure author and publishing coach
  • And so many more!

In the meantime, you can get a free e-book called Writing Wisdoms: 26 Brilliant Tips from Successful Professional Writers.

There’s also a free webinar called 10 Bad Writing Habits to Break Right Now happening on November 28: Sign up here!

Black Friday is finally here! Check out this list of the best Black Friday deals on tools and resources for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers. Get everything you need to learn new skills and start and grow your business! #BlackFriday #CyberMonday #freelancer #entrepreneur #sale

Work-at-Home Courses

Transcribe Anywhere

Another amazing deal you’ll want to check out if you want to work from home is Transcribe Anywhere’s Black Friday sale. ***Heads up! You can save 50% off Transcribe Anywhere until Monday, November 28, 2022!***

Transcribe Anywhere doesn’t have sales very often, so take advantage while you can!

Related Content: How Katherine Makes Money Transcribing from Home

Freelance Business Resources

Lyrical Host Black Friday Deal

I’ve been with Lyrical Host for nearly two years now, and I can’t recommend them highly enough. If you’re looking for a website host where you get to talk to an actual human being instead of being shoved around various FAQ blog posts looking for answers, Lyrical Host is the one for you. They can’t do enough for you, and I really get the sense that they value their customers! You can save 15% off Lyrical Host plans AND get an extra 10% with the code TP10 until Dec 2, 2022!


You’ll need a domain name to go along with that website hosting! Purchase the perfect domain name for your business so you can start creating your digital home. I use Namecheap for all my domain names, and I’ve been very happy with its service. Starts on Nov 25! Get up to 97% off domains right now!

Legal Pages

It’s something you’ve probably never considered, but there are some legal ducks you need to get in a row when you set up your website. You’ll need to have a privacy policy and terms and conditions, be GDPR-compliant and ADA-compliant, etc. It’s a bit overwhelming. However, you can purchase templates written by legal professionals that you just tweak to suit your business and save yourself hours of trying to figure all the legal stuff out. International lawyer Lucrezia lapichino has created GDPR + CCPA + FTC compliant legal policies and pages for online entrepreneurs from several countries and regions, including the US, the UK, the EU, Canada, Australia, India, and New Zealand.

You can save 40% off legal templates until November 28, 2022, with the code BLACKFRIDAYWEEK!

If you’re not sure where to start, the Legal Bundle Value Pack includes the following:

  • privacy policy
  • terms & conditions
  • disclaimers
  • disclosures
  • copyright notice
  • cookie policy
  • and more


I don’t know about you, but I must have created an account with a hundred different websites by now. Trying to keep track of all of those passwords is a nightmare! I use LastPass to store these passwords in one secure location so I don’t have to remember them all. You can get 25% off LastPass from November 21 to November 29, 2022!


Once you’ve got money coming in from your clients, you’ll need an efficient way to track your income and expenses. FreshBooks allows you to generate and send invoices, track your business expenses, and get paid through credit card or bank transfers for as little as $6 a month! If you sign up now, you can get 60% off for 6 months!


Want to send an email newsletter to potential clients or blog subscribers? I use ConvertKit to send emails to people on my list every week. I’ve used it for five years now and I don’t see myself switching to any other email service provider because I find ConvertKit very easy to use. 

You can save $100 when you sign up for the yearly Creator plan. 

Blogging Courses

Start a Mom Blog

Blogging is a great work-at-home option for people who love to write and are active on social media. The Blog by Number course is for you if you haven’t yet started a blog. Suzi is the most down-to-earth person and is so easy to learn from. She takes you through each step you need to take to set up a beautiful blog without the overwhelm!

The course will help you decide on a blog name and niche, start your blog and set up your theme, write your first blog post, create Pinterest images, and get blog traffic. That’s really everything you need to know to get started! If you take this course, I know you’ll love Suzi as much as I do! Get up to 40% off Blog by Number and all of Suzi’s courses here until November 28, 2022!

My favorite products of Suzi’s that I’ve purchased are

  • Blog by Number: If you don’t have a blog yet, or if you’re brand new, you need this course. Suzi takes you through every single step you could possibly imagine for creating your blog. And she updates the course regularly, so it’s the gift that keeps on giving.
  • Ebook by Number: I followed this course when planning and writing my books. It really helped me get rid of the overwhelm and get excited about helping others with my information.
  • Little Product Launchkit: I used the templates in this course to create the printables that I made to go along with my new punctuation book. Design is not my forte, so this mini course was a huge help!

Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic

If you’re looking for specific strategies you can use to grow your blog, check out Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic. Elna Cain takes you how she uses Pinterest, SEO, and creating the right content to grow her blog to 40k page views in 1 month! Save 50% on Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic this Black Friday weekend! No discount code needed!

Pinteresting Strategies

The manual pinning strategy I use comes from a course called Pinteresting Strategies 2.0. Carly, the course creator, believes that Pinterest rewards people who actually use the site rather than just using schedulers to pin. After implementing the tips in the course, my page views have more than doubled. This strategy allowed Carly to grow her page views from 0–200K! Imagine if you had 200K page views a month! If you don’t have the budget yet to use a social media scheduler, Carly’s manual pinning strategy is solid. Get 25% off Pinteresting Strategies 2.0 until November 28, 2022, using the code BF2022.

Affiliate Marketing Courses

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

One of the main ways that bloggers earn an income online is through affiliate marketing. This is where you earn money for promoting other people’s products on your blog. Michelle is the master of affiliate marketing, earning over $50,000 a MONTH. If you’re going to learn about affiliate marketing from anyone, make it the best in the biz. The Black Friday sale on the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course runs from Friday, November 25 to Monday, November 28, 2022. Use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY22 to receive 20% off the course.

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers: Everything you’re missing

If you already have a bit of background in affiliate marketing but feel like you need specific examples of what works, Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers will help fill in the blanks.  Carly discusses, in detail, her blog and email affiliate marketing strategies and shows you exactly what results she got and how to replicate them. Save 25% on Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers with the code BF2022.


Taking This Show on the Road

Want to travel year-round without sacrificing your career or income? You can! Get my best tips for getting paid to proofread while you travel!

If you want to work as a proofreader while you travel, but you think it’ll be impossible to maintain or grow a business, think again.

I had exactly the same fear. In 2019, I took a ten-week trip around the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, and I continued to proofread the whole time. now, I’m sharing all my secrets in my book Taking This Show on the Road. Get it for $2.50 until Tuesday, November 30, 2022!

Taking This Show on the Road by Catherine Turner
Black Friday is finally here! Check out this list of the best Black Friday deals on tools and resources for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers. Get everything you need to learn new skills and start and grow your business! #BlackFriday #CyberMonday #freelancer #entrepreneur #sale