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Catherine is extremely thorough and detailed with her work. You know your project is in good hands with her at all times. She communicates regularly, is always open to questions and you never have to worry about her meeting your deadlines. I’ve had colleagues comment on how they couldn’t find a single typo or grammatical error when they read through my book. I’m so happy I found her and see her as a valuable part of my team.
Meera Kothand
Meera Kothand
Author of several Amazon best-selling books
Here at Slingshot Books, we are so glad we found Catherine! She has been our go-to proofreader for our Dead True Crime book series and has never let us down. She’s professional, easy to work with, and has done a truly fantastic job at cleaning up our books for publication. Catherine has an eagle eye for grammatical errors, misspellings, inconsistencies, and all those annoying mistakes you thought you caught, but didn’t. She makes you look good. Do yourself and your manuscript a favor: hire her!
Judith E.
Founding Partner of Slingshot Books, Dead True Crime series
As a first time author, I didn't know what to expect from hiring an editor, but all the advice I read said that if you hire no one else, you must hire a good editor before publishing your book. I contacted Catherine on the recommendation of my book coach, and I'm happy I did. In reading the marked-up manuscript from Catherine, it was clear that she had been incredibly thorough (down to fact-checking every reference, definition, and quote in the draft), without taking away my voice which was one of the things I had feared. Every change or suggestion from Catherine made my book better, and I felt that she understood the book and the message I was delivering to my audience. I also liked Catherine's responsiveness and that I knew what to expect and when to expect it. The finished manuscript was delivered when she said it would be, and I'm grateful for her input in getting the book across the finishing line. I would recommend Catherine to anyone looking for an editor, and I'll be calling on her again when I get around to writing my second book!
Ryan Spence, Life Coach and Author of The Triple C Method
Ryan Spence
Life Coach and Author of The Triple C Method
Catherine Turner is a consummate professional whom you can totally trust with your manuscript. Her proofreading skills are meticulous, and she will find many ways to improve the quality and accuracy of your written work. Catherine is not just a grammar editor; she will ask the right questions and make suggestions that clarify your thoughts. A pleasure to work with, Catherine schedules her time so she can respond quickly and thoroughly to any questions or correspondence you send her. I've never met Catherine in person, all of our work was done over the internet, yet I feel like she has become a trusted ally in our quest to publish the best book possible. If you are looking for an editor who cares, look no further. You will not be disappointed.
Ellen Moscovitz
Co-author of Framed
Catherine is the very definition of efficiency and professionalism. Not only is the standard of her work excellent, but she stood out from several other editors we sought help from by virtue of her clear process and her ability to run with our vision very seamlessly. Catherine also managed to polish our manuscript and deliver the finished product sooner than expected in what was a very tight time frame. I enthusiastically recommend Catherine to anyone requiring a keen eye and a laser-sharp edit of their written work. Thank you Catherine, my co-author and I are exceedingly grateful for your help.
Jeremy Miner
Jeremy Miner
Co-author of The New Model of Selling
Catherine is an amazing editor. She’s thorough and concise and very easy to work with. She improved my work tremendously and gave me the confidence I needed to pursue publishing. I’d highly recommend her whether you’re an experienced writer or first-time author.
Melissa O'Brien
Author of Thorns of Attrition
Writing a book can be as frightening as it is exciting, knowing that your words will be published for the public to see. I'm thankful to have worked with Catherine to copyedit my manuscript and make several recommendations, both small and large, that genuinely improved the quality of my book. Catherine was timely, thorough, and responsive, and her editing fees met my budget. If you are writing a book and nervous about how the words will appear on the pages, I highly recommend working with Catherine to polish your manuscript and make it ready to publish.
Photo of Josh Liebman author of The Hospitality Mentality
Josh Liebman
Author of The Hospitality Mentality
My experience working with Catherine was wonderful. She was able to work quickly under a tight timeline for publication and offered not only traditional proofreading and editing support, but also provided me with gentle suggestions on clarifications for various sections in my book. I appreciated her thorough work and clear communication on timeline expectations. I would be happy to use her services again for future projects.
Megan Gunnell
Megan Gunnell
Author of Thriving as a Therapist
Having collaborated with Catherine Turner on my first book, as my proofread editor and formatter, I am compelled to share the outstanding experience that marked our journey from draft to publication. Catherine’s meticulous approach, grounded in a masterful command of The Chicago Manual of Style, transformed the text into a polished gem, ready for the exacting eyes of my publisher. From the outset, Catherine demonstrated an exceptional ability to refine the manuscript, enhancing its precision and fluidity with an exhaustive commitment to detail that extended to every last letter and punctuation mark. Her skillful formatting aligned perfectly with my publisher’s guidelines, ensuring that the manuscript met every specification with elegance and accuracy. What set Catherine apart was not just her proficiency with the technical aspects of editing but her industrious and proactive nature. She took the initiative to verify every quotation I had pulled from YouTube, a resource I hadn’t even considered could provide transcripts. This level of diligence was emblematic of her approach: leaving no stone unturned in her quest to perfect the manuscript. Catherine’s politeness, affordability, and supreme competence made the editing process not just bearable but enjoyable. Working with her felt less like a client-service provider relationship and more like a partnership with a trusted ally, deeply invested in the success of my project. For first-time authors like myself, navigating the intricacies of publishing can be daunting. Catherine’s expertise and guidance were invaluable, turning what could have been an overwhelming process into a smooth and educative journey. I am fortunate to have found her and eagerly anticipate our future collaborations. To those in search of an editor whose dedication to their craft is matched only by their skill, I wholeheartedly recommend Catherine Turner.
Dr. Mark D’Souza
Author of Lost and Found
Catherine is a masterful wordsmith. I am a grammar lover and appreciated all the fact-finding and suggestions she made to improve my manuscript to near perfection. If you want to have your book edited by a true professional, then look no further than Turner Proofreading.
Melanie Herschorn
Author of Make a Big Impact with Your Book
Catherine was extremely reliable and prompt, and her work exceeded my expectations. She scheduled my work and delivered as promised. She was very easy to work with, and when I didn’t understand something, she explained it to me in detail via email. She always responded quickly. I plan on using her in the future and highly recommend her to anyone needing a copyeditor.
Debbie Mancuso
Author of The Fairytale
As a first-time author, I was terrified of making a mess of things. For most of my life, I’ve been confused about grammar rules and simple things like comma placement and word spacing. Yes, word spacing! When Catherine was recommended to me by a successful author-friend, I was reluctant to hand over my manuscript. Would she give up halfway through? Would she scoff at my writing skills? Nothing could have been further from the truth. Catherine walked me through the proofreading process with grace and kindness. In her work, she left no phrase unexamined. After receiving her notes, I knew my book would have the professional touch it needed. Her quality of work is unparalleled. And she is delightful to work with. I went from anxious new writer to confident author thanks to Catherine’s keen talent.
Elizabeth Bruckner
Elizabeth Bruckner
Author of the upcoming book The Homesteader Mindset
Catherine undoubtedly made me a better writer. I'm a humor columnist, and for several years TurnerProofreading.com has been my bible for all grammar and punctuation questions. When I wrote my first manuscript, I knew Catherine was my dream editor, and she surpassed my expectations. She was detailed, thorough, timely, accessible, and professional. Her editing drastically improved the cadence of my writing, yet she did not sacrifice my voice. Humor writing is heavily dependent upon tone and timing. Wit can be lost if it’s manipulated incorrectly, yet Catherine’s work only enhanced the fluidity of mine. This facilitated my ability to read the manuscript through a lens other than through that of the author. This was invaluable. I can’t thank Catherine enough. She is my go-to editor, and if you want your writing to be of the highest quality, work with Catherine. If your aspiration is for mediocre quality, you’ll have to find someone else.
Amy Martin
Humor columnist
Catherine is a gem among editors. Her professionalism and expertise shine through in every stage of the process. At the outset, Catherine helped guide me to the best level of editorial services and clearly outlined a plan of action. She eliminated all stress from the editing process. I was so impressed by her ability to refine my work while also matching my unique writing style. Catherine communicates with clarity, works with impeccable attention to detail, and truly overdelivers. She is kind, personable, and a joy to work with! Thanks to Catherine, I am confident in the book that I'm sharing with the world. I cannot recommend Catherine highly enough! I am so thankful to have worked with her and I am excited to work with Catherine again on future books!
Stephanie Noelle
Author of The Connection Code
Catherine was personally introduced to us by our book publishing coach who uses her professional services for her own publishing business. Our coach felt Catherine's work quality, caring, and careful proofreading style would enhance our forthcoming publication Re-ignite Delight in Being. Catherine always returned our proofread content in a timely fashion with options for improvements that were thorough and respectful. To both our coach and proofreader we express an immense amount of gratitude for the introduction and the results!
Charles and Joan Moore
Authors of the forthcoming book Re-ignite Delight in Being (Available early summer 2023)
It’s a pleasure to work with Catherine! As a subscriber to her email newsletter, I already knew that I enjoy and respect her writing style—the perfect mixture of intelligence and warmth. When I asked her to write copy for one of my projects, I was confident she would understand what I was going for and find both the voice and the words it needed. She struck just the right note, and her writing is flawless. Catherine is thoughtful and reliable. She’s great about staying in touch. She submitted the work ahead of schedule and was sure to ensure I was happy with the result before signing off. She has my admiration and complete trust, and I recommend her 200 percent!
Ellen Feld, Creator of Grammar Lion
Ellen Feld
Creator of Grammar Lion and Author of Comma Sense
Catherine is a superb editor. Right from the start she impressed me with her ability to respond to my brief by clearly outlining the services she offered. Catherine is an excellent written communicator. She delivered exactly what was promised on time for the agreed price to very high quality standards. Her attention to detail is impressive. She helped with keeping the flow going throughout my Going AWOL book. She went the extra mile conducting research to make sure Māori words and place names were correct with the right macrons. Catherine did two rounds of copy editing at my request. She recommended a separate proof reader as an extra step. In hindsight, I wish I had taken her advice as not doing so slowed up the book launch later on. I highly recommend Catherine as a very professional editor who works diligently with you to deliver a very high quality manuscript.
Catherine’s work is professional, thorough, detailed and prompt. I was delighted by her work on my book. Not only did she edit my copy beautifully, but she went the extra mile of checking my quotes and double checking my facts. I will not hesitate to use her again and recommend her enthusiastically to others!
Rachel Scott
Author of Head Over Heels: A Yogi's Guide to Dating
Catherine’s work on my book was the fine coat of finishing polish that every author should give their book before publishing. Her work is thoughtfully professional, thorough and raises the bar for my next level of self-editing. Highly recommend her services to anyone writing and publishing work for the world to see. Even on my worst review, the reviewer had to compliment the writing and the editing- which most certainly includes that final spit shine provided by Catherine. Always a pleasure to work with!
Juanita Renee Jones
Author of The Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur’s Playbook
Catherine has been a life saver for me and my journey of writing my book. I felt stuck in my fear and the process of writing my book, and Catherine calmed my fears by giving a clear road map of how things were going to come together. She was patient with me as I worked to articulate my thoughts and feelings. My work was always returned in a timely manner, and the suggestions were presented in the spirit of respect and encouragement. Thank you, Catherine, for helping me share my story and making my lifelong dream of publishing a book possible.
Crystal Tracy
Author of Hopeless to Limitless
As an author, I have hired several editors, and Catherine by far has been the best to work with. She is dependable, extremely detailed, friendly, and professional. She goes the extra mile to make sure your work is top notch and responds quickly to any questions you have. Catherine is a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend her!
Pia Edberg
Pia Edberg
Author of Color Outside the Lines
Catherine is absolutely great to work with. Her work is top notch and very meticulous. From day one, her turnaround time has been super quick with great attention to detail, even when I have some urgent deadlines. Her suggestions have helped me make my articles impeccable and error-free. I highly recommend Catherine if you want thorough work done with great turnaround time!
I've had the privilege of working with Catherine Turner in the past few years and am so thankful she is now part of my go-to team whenever a client needs copyediting or proofreading of their book. Catherine is the ultimate professional, always providing insightful comments and critical edits. Her eagle eyes are able to spot any grammar inconsistencies and misspellings. To top it off, she's reliable and affordable. I highly recommend her services!
I have worked with Catherine over many years in the delivery of written outputs for the Central Bank of Ireland. At all times, Catherine’s hard work and reliability have shone through and her thoroughness and efficiency have added real value for the team.
Dermot Coates, PhD
Senior Economist at the Central Bank of Ireland